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2D video

Canopy is one of the top digital marketing agencies from
Europe focused on video animations and performance marketing.


Animation has unlimited possibilities. It can explore different worlds and combine different styles. A story can be told through characters or just some simple shapes and movements.

Whether it’s goods or services, product demos or just building your brand, animation helps to capture the imagination. Live action can seem dated in just a few years, whereas animation never goes out of fashion and can reach a wider audience. Anything is possible.


  • product demo
  • explainer video
  • short promo video for Youtube Ads (15 sec or unskippable 6 sec)
  • new product/service presentation for your website
  • video for landing page
  • event promo
  • motion branding

creative brief questionnaire

The client would brief us on what they want. We then set project timelines, assess the level of complexity and set a budget. 01

research and development

Our team gathers all the relevant materials for the project and researches the best creative direction for the production. All of the creative ideas are born out of brainstorming sessions, designed to help our team choose the best creative direction for your specific project.


script writing

Our creative writers will transform your idea into a story worth watching and remembering. Alternatively, we will collaborate with you on an original script you provide, giving you recommendations and advice if needed. We want nothing to limit the creative potential of your story.

storyboard, key visual & VO

This is where your script begins to take shape. We create a storyboard, which helps us understand each scene, step by step, and allows us to see how any visualised speech aligns with the visuals. We also take a key visual and create our vision for the illustration style and colour palette, and also record a voice over as soon as the script is approved.

illustrations & animation

The hard work is over. Now that we have the script, voice over, illustration style and storyboard approved, we can start the production stage. We transform the script into illustrations, and then into a beautiful animation. This is where the magic happens…

sound design

With the animation ready to go, we add the final flourish: music and sound effects.

final delivery

Your shiny new animation is ready to use. All that’s left to do is deliver it in all the desired formats and crack the champagne.

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