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At Canopy, we craft brand narratives anchored in strategic thinking, designed with the activation environments in mind and delivered through beautifully animated stories that drive deeper engagement.

People live stories when they buy into brands

We know that at the end of any business transaction there are human beings and we get the power of storytelling in shaping the business world. 

Tell a story, speak human.

About Us

We are 50+ global brand storytellers from strategists to creatives and marketing specialists and everything in between. We help clients take ownership of their narrative and create a brand experience that stakeholders can buy into. 

Our philosophy is simple: relevance is in the mind of the consumer so connecting the brand to the reality of the market is critical for success. That’s why we root everything we do in deep interdisciplinary understanding of the business, its environment and more than anything else in customer insight.

Industry Veterans

You get end-to-end project oversight and delivery by industry veterans, based in London, to ensure strategic alignment with business objectives.

Results Oriented

Our approach to scripting any story is results oriented and insight-led, never based on assumptions.

Effective Messaging

Messaging grounded in the real Value Proposition, based on translating product features into customer benefits and always ensuring language market fit.

Fit for purpose

Creative assets are developed by passionate animators and designed with the activation environments in mind.

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What type of animation is right for you?

Brand Trailer

Your brand trailer should be a highly impactful brand film that showcases the most exciting and relevant aspects of your brand. It basically takes the brand narrative and distils it down to the simplest (not simplistic) and most impactful expression that the business can use to engage its stakeholders. What would you put in yours?

Used for: a brand explainer showcase on the website, various brand level marketing and investor conversations.

Product Showcase

Product features never tell the full story if any at all. And when products get really complex, people get confused or simply disconnect. They use stories to navigate their lives so for them to care they need to grasp benefits, understand use cases and how their lives can be improved. Our product stories can help you show, not tell.

Used for: various forms of consumer marketing, innovation showcase, client presentations, internal presentations.

Thought Leadership

Owning your market positioning in today’s complex world requires leading with a clear point of view and making sure it comes across. Leading a market or challenging it, expanding the portfolio or breaking into new territories a business needs to be able to showcase their position on the important questions. We build platforms to help you tell your story.

Used for: singular or serialised explaining of complex themes, approaches, methodologies or opinions.

Employee Engagement

The actual work as well as a significant part of the brand experience is always delivered by the people. Talent is critical for any business so being able to engage, retain and energise your team, as well as attract new brand ambassadors can be make or break. And it always has an impact in the market. Bring your people along through energising manifestos.  

Used for: developing employer branding, addressing HR challenges, attracting and/or retaining talent.

Typical project roadmap

After having delivered over 800 high-quality 3D and 2D video animations, we have the process down to a science.

Our approach is different from typical animation studios because we blend together multiple disciplines: consumer understanding, growth marketing and brand strategy.

Are you an Agency?

Do you have a client brief that you need a bit of help with?

We play nice with others and can help you deliver on your client’s business challenges. Consider us as extra firepower for delivering even better results to clients.

(We also don’t mind white-labelling, if you must)

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Kind words from our clients

“Canopy are a world-class team! From incubation to the finished result, the entire video production experience was outstanding: great communication, exceptional design and creativity, and effortless to work alongside. Thank you for delivering a brilliant animation; for the high attention to detail 10/10!”


Founder, Sparkchange

“Canopy understood our business very well from day one. Since we started working together, about 3 years ago, they delivered over 20 high quality video animations for us. During each project they understood very well the topic and the key message that was important for us to deliver to our audiences, and the results were always just perfect.”


Business development, Aggranda

“We are happy to have worked with Canopy’s team for creating our video. We collaborated every step of the way from idea to script to storyboard and finally the animation itself. The result is absolutely fantastic!”


CEO, Hypersay Events

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    Narrative Worldmaking

    We take storytelling very seriously. If you want to join us down the rabbit-hole read our blog. Warning, dragons ahead.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A few questions we get asked all the time.

    What is a brand trailer?

    A brand trailer is a highly impactful brand film that showcases the most exciting and relevant aspects of a brand. It basically takes the brand narrative and distils it down to the simplest (not simplistic) and most impactful expression that a business can use to engage its stakeholders. 

    How long does a typical project take?

    We will deliver a typical project in 4 to 8 weeks depending on complexity, number of reviews and derivative assets your project requires.

    How many reviews do I get?

    We typically deliver projects with 2 reviews within the project scope. But, of course we can do more if needed.

    Do you shoot video as well?

    No, we don’t shoot video at the moment. But if you have a concept that relies on real-live humans, we could use stock footage.

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